I love the sound of small-arms fire in the morning…

Context is everything.

The weather conditions were just right this morning to carry the harrowing and very distinct sound of automatic small-arms fire right to my door. Suburban Brisbane is not Basra but without context, this noise would be alarming, distressing and cause for immediate notification of authorities.

With context I know the occasional sound of automatic gun fire is the result of military training at a nearby range. Safe. Legitimate. No further thought required.

Context is EVERYTHING.

The same applies to our assessment of people. A ten-minute chat affords us but a snapshot of where this person is NOW, today. To truly understand who this person is before us we need the context provided by knowing from where they’ve come and to where they are going.

Let’s not discount someone’s potential by assessing them without the proper context. Instead, let’s choose to invest our time into understanding WHO this person is so we can collectively move boldly into our respective futures.


PS Apologies for the lame reference in the title to one of the most famous movie lines of all time!

Photo: Used with permission via 123RF Stock Photos


~ by MarkLM on March 6, 2012.

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